Social Security Disability Insurance

February 8 ,2012 by admin

Social security insurance or social security disability insurance (SSDI) plays an important role when it comes to finding a stable income aid during permanent physical disabilities. It is difficult to predict life in terms of health and well-being. Mishaps can prove miserable to anyone, especially when they carry a physical ordeal of permanent nature. Owing to lost functionality of body parts, it could make a person jobless. Besides, it rides a person through financial ordeals, especially if the person is self-dependent. However, in case the person is supporting a family under him/her, then the ordeal is not only likely to hurt individually, but on family scale as well.

It is important to understand about social security disability income beforehand, as mishaps never inform before they occur. Moreover, mishaps do not differentiate or play bias. It can occur to anyone without informing or making any prior intimation. Hence, it is ideal to know what plans exist around, if one has to suffer through it. Moreover, it is important to find about positive solutions that can make life more comfortable with disabilities of any sort and social security disability insurance is the perfect resort here.

About Social Security Disability Insurance:

SSA or Social Security Administration authorities oversee a pay-role tax funded program. It is granted especially to people that have undergone a stress or particularly disability of permanent nature restricting them from doing their jobs. Indeed, any disability of permanent nature is sure to affect productivity and functionality. However, disabilities that affect your source of income are worst, as they lend you financial disability to struggle. Disability social security helps you find a stable source of income in times of need. It acts like a financial blanket covering your basic financial needs, so that you can sustain with your family amidst the disability you face.


A person with disabilities that make him/her refrain from participating in any substantial benefits becomes qualified for the SSDI. Further, individuals facing disability for over 12 months are liable of fetching stable incomes under disability social security insurance. A permanent disability is a disability that persists for more than 12 months. You may be aware that SSDI is applicable to individuals having a permanent disability. Thus, individuals with more than 12 months of disability become qualified for fetching grant aid under social security insurance.

Moreover, the social security disability income grant is distributed to only those qualifying an age restriction, which is less than 65 years of age. Thus, individuals above 65 are not eligible for this kind of disability insurance. Further, the individual needs to be an earning member with more than 20 credits of social security in the last one decade. However, in case the individual is minor, then the work condition does not apply. Moreover, the job work or credit condition is only applicable for individuals above the age of 22.

How Much Can You Draw?

A person facing physical disability of permanent nature becomes hopeless on finding similar source of income, as he/she was earning prior to disability. However, social security insurance money grant acts as a booster to help motivate the individual find sustainable means. As per the rules, SSDI allows you a grant of 25% of your retroactive amount, which the recipient uses to derive before having a disability. However, the income cannot exceed $6000 in case the recipients were to draw more than $ 24,000. Thus, there is an upper limit laid on the value of money that a person can draw as benefit under SSDI.

In addition, unlike SSI or supplement security income, SSDI puts no restriction on other income sources that a receiver can apply for. SSI strictly discontinues the rewards upon finding about income sources of disabled person. However, in case of SSDI, there is no such restriction and a person can avail any number of income sources along with grants received under social security disability income.

Applications for SSDI:

If you are considering to apply for disability social security, then make sure that you are familiar with all the norms, as failing to do so, may cause you miss the grant aid. In worst cases, it may unnecessary prolong due to mistakes while reading the norms. You can go through eligibility rules from federal government official website to learn about specific details about qualifications. As a standard time, it takes about 90 to 120 days for application to process completely, but the approval procedures may take up to eight months in all. In case your application is rejected for showing non-conformities with qualification or lack of paperwork, then the hearing may take three months to one year depending on the volume of cases faced by tribunals.